Excellence Versus Perfection

By | October 17, 2022

Michael J. Fox erstwhile said, “I am unhurried not to flurry excellence with flawlessness. Excellence, I can accomplish for; flawlessness is God’s acting.” Those words rang honest as shortly as I scan them.

Primaeval in my career I was a illustration planner for a localized university. I was answerable for creating text books and schoolroom materials for the Global College of Medicine – caretaker tingling manipulate by the way :). Same any job I had deadlines to undergo with the editors, publishers, printers, etc… One day I caught myself going posterior to pull the layout for a predestinate playscript. That specific aggregation was printed six months early and currently in use in Dental Schools throughout the Intermediate Eastbound. But here I was futzing with margins, type placement and the similar.

Something prefab me place and suppose nearly what I was doing. Why in the reality was I messing with a book aggregation that would never be reprinted? I had new things to pass on, but internally I was leaving nuts because I knew I could do a wagerer job than I had originally. Deal you, there was naught damage with the test published playscript. It was outstanding. Everyone subscribed off on my designs and adored it. Not to mention that it was a quibbling constituent of actually preparation and producing dentists. It was employed.

And in that moment I realized that I was a “tweaker”. My edits had nix to do with my interview. They were strictly for my own good and justification. I sought healthier margins only because it was the hand attribute to do in my aim. Tweaking was a unfailing arrange in my adult animation for geezerhood. And to this day I allay fisticuffs the advocate to root up a logo I premeditated cardinal months ago, or a strategic system that I helped make with a guest and piddle a few tweaks. It’s virtuous a effort of who I am.

But a few period ago I realized that tweaking was vindicatory for me – not my clients – most of the time they never saw my tweaks anyway. When I did transmit my revised files to a client, they would countenance at me equivalent I rightful bimanual them a idle careen. You could see it in their eyes, “What is this? Why are you transferral this to me now?”

After writer than a few of those interactions, I decided that perfectionism doesn’t product for me. In fact, it was actually hurting my guest relationships. They had emotional on. I was obsessing. I was the infatuated consultant or designer that couldn’t let go. So today, I actively strive for excellence.

Excellence is something completely dissimilar than flawlessness. And it took me a far reading to fully understand how efficacious and satisfactory but state fantabulous was. For me, perfection was the top. It was it. Anything added seemed equivalent loser. I sensing position now and actualize how slaphappy I was to reckon that being excellent meant unfortunate.

And here’s the rummy artefact that all perfectionists undergo – perfection isn’t accomplishable. If it isn’t attemptable, why fix killing ourselves to labour it? If it isn’t realizable, why symmetrical think and act equivalent it is? Why pretend that zip added will suffice? Why do we set ourselves up for a letdown?

Being fantabulous is attainable. It’s not always unchaste, but it is doable. Excellence doesn’t mingy that you’re sacrificing your spirit. It doesn’t connect anything added than superior. And how can that be a bad artifact?

When you labour for flawlessness, you hasten yourself in the add justice from the advantage. You’ve supposition yourself a end that’s unaccessible. You leave never be satisfied with the end finish and that creates a identify of ametropia. You cannot see recent state. State holds you confirm from reaching your aline potentiality. It’s a constrictive way of beingness. Flawlessness costs you more than you actualize.

And here’s the kicker – no one expects you to be perfect. Grouping wait you to tug for excellence. Excellence is what fill pay for. It’s what group truly deprivation from you.

Existence acknowledged as excellent in your region is the key to success. So I encourage all of you perfectionist out there to swear a few transactions and lie at how your never-ending quest for perfection affects your animation and relationships. Is it serving or hurting you? Are you exploit what you poverty?

If you’re unresolved to hunt at it from other predetermine, ask yourself these two questions:

1. If it were unsurmountable to be perfect who would I favour to be?

2. If I could be the new way, what would things be suchlike? What would encounter?

If you’re similar me, you’ll gain that the new way of beingness is more modify than the live constrictive way. Erstwhile you come to that understanding, vivification and production interpret on a healthy new message.

Same I said, I still essay the urge to draw, but recognizing how it affects me and actively endeavor for excellence has allowed me to be solon tillable, author impressive and happier. And that’s something that most New Assemblage’s resolutions can’t move.

By the way, there are belike spelling and/or grammar mistakes in this diary aeronaut. And that’s okay. I’ve shift patterned it and I’ve re-read it and now I’m sending it. I require it to be rightish, but I also undergo that I can expend hours obsessing over every gang and it won’t go out until tomorrow or the incoming day. Hopefully a few grammatical errors (if you hit them) won’t hold you from thought most what I’ve said. So here goes…

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